Next Generation Solutions

We provide the highest-quality IOT controllers with front-end & back-end integrations. Meanwhile, everyone can improve quality of life.


We take care of customizing each controller to make it suitable to your needs.


We craft perfect controller with top-quality materials, according to each system.


We provide a large series of embedded IOT controllers and they are fully integrated.


SYT Solutions is an IOT-Solution provider company. We are accountable for many success stories on the field, such as creating different intelligent systems. It’s obvious that the Internet Of Things is a new era, and you need to embrace it.
We provide a large range of different services, such as Designing, Manufacturing & supplying. As well as producing the end IOT product. Our main goal is to fulfil your ideas and come up with innovations.


The world is moving too fast, and technologies are adapting to it on a daily basis. You need to start doing the same, especially if you own a business. The IoT is full of opportunities for different areas, and you need to take a slice of the pie.
It takes in consideration the smoke, the temperature of the environment, the AMP & panic button sensor. It communicates directly with the Cloud. Any failure or trigger EMS will start sending notifications through SMS, WhatsApp, or Telegram; in less than 3 seconds.
Top-Quality Terminal Hardware, such as barrier, loop detector and different sensors. All this is connected to the Cloud, and it assists the customer in real-time by AI surveillance detection.
This prevents illegal access from using clone cards. It provides electricity to the whole room after access and integrates buzzer & cloud synchronization. The system will buzz the guest to check-out.
We took it all to the next level, and now we are using new technologies to make it more efficient. We make strict control for VIP parking reservations. It updates the available slots directly to the Cloud in a matter of seconds. And provides a Smart AI parking guide with sensors; to ensure a better experience.